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Publisher: Step Ahead Software
Date added:14-Oct-2005
File size: 1.61 M
Language: English
License: Shareware - Time Limit
Price :$ 49.95
OS : Windows 98/NT/2000/ME/XP/VISTA
UpdateDate : 31-Dec-2010
Requirements : 128MB RAM,10 MB of hard-disk space for program installion.

Javelin Information

Javelin is a high productivity yet lightweight development tool that allows software developers, analysts, consultants, mentors, educators to drive any Java development through a set of "live" class diagrams. Javelin provides 'zero time' synchronized generation and management of code and the meta-data required for persisting your object model to Hibernate or JDO persistence technologies.

Javelin has been the world's most intuitive, easy to learn, lightweight, visual modeler/coder tools for JavaTM since 1996 because it makes developing object oriented code so natural, easy and efficient. It takes care of all the underlying java source files and presents you with an uncluttered, intuitive visual representation of your model and code where you can concentrate on designing and coding classes and the relationships between them visually instead of battling through a sea of text files and navigating package directories. Javelin uses UML notation for its class diagrams but that does not mean that Javelin is a UML tool or that you have to know UML to use the tool - which makes it most unlike typical heavyweight UML tools.

Javelin now comes in two editions: a NEW freeware 'modeling only' edition and an inexpensive 'modeling+code generation and management' edition:

Freeware Javelin Modeler

The freeware Javelin modeler is a free, never expiring, full featured edition of Javelin without the code generation and management facilities. It is perfect for analysts, developers, educators etc., who want to perform object modeling and be able to document and print out their designs in the form of class diagrams and API references. It even supports importing of existing source code so you can "see" what the design of your existing system actually looks like.

The object model repository created by the Javelin modeler is 100% compatible with the Javelin Modeler+Coder so at any time you can upgrade to the modeler+coder and generate and manage source code based on your design.

Javelin Modeler+Coder

The Javelin modeler+coder is a complete, lightweight, full lifecycle, object modeling and code generation and management solution to be used with any Java IDE (eg., Eclipse, Netbeans etc.,). It is perfect for developers who want the productivity boost that zero time code generation and management can give while still maintaining control over their code.

Developers can upgrade from the freeware Javelin Modeler at any time and generate and manage the code for object models produced in the freeware modeler.

JModel driven software development - it's all about classes and their relationships

The sophisticated, expressive, real life object models that make up the M in modern MVC applications typically involve many relationships between classes. If you can manage your relationships at a higher, visual level with a judicious use of automation then you will realize tremendous improvements in model comprehension, developer efficiency and reduce development time. Javelin is your key to higher developer productivity with its high level, automated relationship management.

Feature Summary

Easy to Use, Intuitive interface
Installation is quick and you can master Javelin's intuitive user interface in less than 20 minutes using the 'Getting Started Tutorial'. Extensive use of right mouse button click makes operations easy and fast!

Integrated Hibernate Support
Now creating the mappings from your beautiful object model to a relational database via the Hibernate persistence service is virtually zero effort. Just as Javelin manages your .java files it can now automatically manage the mappings to Hibernate.

Automatic addition of setter/getter methods
Now you can forget writing setter/getter methods by hand. Javelin asks you if you want it to create them for you whenever you add a new attribute. "Do you want fries with that?" says the ever so loyal modelling tool

Class Lister
For larger projects finding that class has never been easier.

Robust and Industry Proven
Javelin is based on the same core technology as our robust, industry proven, visual object oriented development environment for C++ called Visual Classworks which has been serving the C++ community for more than a decade.

Easily Invoke Sun's JDK JavaTM compiler...
A single button press compiles only files that have changed. Another tool bar button executes Sun's AppletViewer, JavaTM run time or any other program you like.

JavaTM Import Feature
Want to be more productive with code that you have already written by hand? Then simply import existing JavaTM code into Javelin in a jiffy! From then on you can enjoy all the productivity and documentation benefits Javelin has to offer

UML Based Notation
Development with Javelin is carried out in a "live" class diagram. The notation of the class diagram notation is based on the UML "standard" for class diagrams. Take advantage of the latest advances in object oriented technology with Javelin.

Want the perfect solution for persisting your object model? Use Javelin and an object relational mapper like JDO or Hibernate and Javelin will automatically produce your meta files for you based on the rich source of knowledge it accumulates in your object model

Why purchase Javelin?

Buy a Javelin license and you receive a license and key that allows you to also download and use Visual Classworks (visual

modeling and coding for C++ developers).

  • Pays for itself in a huge productivity boost in the first day of use.
  • Automatically generate your Hibernate or JDO meta data to get 'truly effortless transparent persistence' of your object models.
  • Stay on top of medium to large size projects with the new project based support features.
  • 'See' and update your projects as a set of clean, always up-to-date class diagrams rather than a labyrinth of packages and classes in a text file focussed IDE.
  • Continue to compile and debug using your regular IDE.
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